Alec Dariceth


Alec’s parents met in Fell’s Landing, living together there until they realized that they were with child. Alec’s father Maric decided to move them out of the city, into the woods where he built a cabin.

Alec was raised being taught to hunt and live off the land. He learned to track as soon as he could walk, to hunt as soon as he could draw a bow. He and his father only occasionally went into town to trade furs and meat for what ever supplies that they might need.

Everything changed when he Fifth Blight began. Jance Fell closed the gates of Fell’s Landing, trapping the family outside. Maric fortified their cabin, building extra walls and setting traps all around the building to keep the Darkspawn away. Food grew more scarce as the Blight went on, as the local wildlife dwindled, and Maric spent more time killing Darkspawn, less hunting.

One day, while Maric was out hunting, the Darkspawn organized and knocked down one of the walls, pouring through the traps and into the cabin. Alec and his mother fought valiantly. Maric arrived home during the assault and battled his way through to save his family.

Alec’s mother was killed during the battle, her husband and son having to watch. Maric and Alec killed enough of the Darkspawn that the rest fled, but during the end of the battle Maric was injured, nearly losing his left leg.

Sadly, it was not long after this before the Blight ended. They almost made it through.

Alec took on most of the duties around the home because of Maric’s injuries. When Fell’s Landing reopened, Alec made trading runs alone, making them more and more often as his father could not do the same amount of hunting that he once did.

During one such trip, Alec returned home to find the cabin burned to the ground, his father still inside. There were no clues to be found to explain what had happened.

At this point, Alec started going into the town more often, taking on whatever odd jobs were available until eventually ending up in Koryn’s crew.

Alec Dariceth

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