The Grey Hound of Orzammar


Calder was the Hero of Ferelden’s Mabari companion. After his master fell to end the Fifth Blight, Calder disappeared.

Months later, rumors began to spread in Orzammar of a large dog, possibly a Mabari hound, who was hunting Darkspawn in the Deep Roads. Many compared his behavior to that of a Grey Warden on his Calling, and so he has dubbed the Grey Hound of Orzammar.

One day, Calder came across a group of Royal Knights in the Deep Roads, who were carrying a baby. They fought with some Darkspawn. It is unknown whether Calder participated in the melee that followed or not, but it is known that he fled with the baby, and left Orzammar.

Calder fled north, and took refuge in a cave not far from Fell’s Landing. He would leave every so often to find her food, which included stealing fish from fishing boats and trading ships, as well as killing the nearby Dalish tribe’s Halla.

Calder was wounded during the final battle of the Fifth Blight. One of his front legs and part of one side of his face are scarred from the Archdemon’s fire. The eye on the scarred side is completely white; he is blind on that side.


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