Grey Warden


Erwan was once a Guardsmen for Redcliffe Village. While loyal to his superiors and diligent in his duties, Erwan has a tendency to leave things unsaid when it better suits his sense of justice or desire for the safety and well being of the people.

His superiors have tended to called him arrogant and brash, but Erwan considers it more along the lines of “taking the initiative”. If he has a solution, he will use it with or without his leaders approval. Although, Erwan does listen to his comrade’s advice when advice is given.

Erwan mainly uses a short sword and fights not unlike a duelist. He wears his scabbard on his right side, causing many of his foes to think that he fights with his left hand. That is until they see Erwan use his right hand, drawing his sword quickly and easily, holding it in a reverse grip. By the time the fight is over, Erwan’s enemies are often defeated before they even get the chance to grab their weapons. He prefers to use speed and precision rather than brute strength to take down his enemies.

During the 5th Blight, Erwan joined the Redcliffe Militia when the village was under siege by the undead. While Erwan did everything that he could to defend the village, the militia were not enough to fully secure the village, let alone retake Redcliffe Castle, the source of the undead horde.

Luckily the Hero of Ferelden and his group arrived in time to assist the militia. With the Hero’s help, the castle was retaken and the village was saved. Bann Teagan of Redcliffe, grateful for the Hero’s assistance, made a call to arms in accordance with the Grey Warden treaties. Erwan and the militia willingly volunteered, and began preparing for war against the darkspawn.

Over time, Redcliffe village became a staging area for the Hero’s coalition. Erwan and his remaining fellow guardsmen had to revert back to their old duties to keep peace within the combined Ferelden, Circle, Dalish, and Orzammar forces. Just as everything was coming together, the darkspawn attacked.

While the Battle of Redcliffe was not an easy fight, the attack was just a feint. Their true goal was to distract the Hero’s army while the main darkspawn forces attacked Denerim, Ferelden’s capital. Erwan and the Redcliffe Militia chose to remain behind to finish off what was left of the enemy in Redcliffe, while the main force marched off to the Fifth Blight’s final battle, the Battle of Denerim.

After the Archdemon was destroyed, ending the Fifth Blight, Erwan remained at Redcliffe to help rebuild. He had planned to return to life as a Guardsman, until a year later, Warden-Commander Loghain arrived in Redcliffe to recruit Erwan as a Grey Warden.

Thinking about how the Hero of Ferelden saved them all, ultimately sacrificing his very life to save all of Thedas, Erwan thought that if he were to become a Grey Warden, he could have the strength and power to do more then just protect Redcliffe. He could protect Ferelden or even Thedas if another blight were to happen in his lifetime. Erwan accepted the offer, and followed Loghain to Fell’s Landing, chasing rumors about the Grey Hound of Orzammar.


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