Jance Fell

Bann of Fell's Landing


Jance is the current Bann of Fell’s Landing, a busy enough city just far enough away from the traditional northern Bannorn that his ancestors had been able to secure Bannship for its Lord generations ago.

Jance is a coward, who runs his city from within his manor grounds. He has things brought to him, and in the rare occasions he needs to make a public appearance he is always surrounded by his personal guards.

The PC, Solaras, is his bastard son. Jance takes care of him and his mother Adanna financially, but will not publicly acknowledge the boy as his son or heir. They have never personally met.

He has recently been pushed around quite a bit. The first time was by Loghain, who he allowed to set up a Grey Warden garrison in his manor guest house. The second time was by Magister Noctua, who he allowed to build a Tevinter Embassy on his manor grounds.

Jance Fell

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