First to the Keeper of Merlanthraille


Ranalle is the Keeper’s First, his apprentice, next in line to be the Keeper of Merlanthraille. She is a bit arrogant, but is the only other Mage in the clan, and has shown the ability to learn and retain information at impressive rates.

Ranalle is not fond of Solaris, feeling that he takes the Keeper’s attention away from his duties to the clan, and his training of her.

During a recent exposition into the cave where the PCs found Ruby, Ranalle fell and some Red Lyrium stabbed through her hand. Instinctively, she channeled its power and used it to destroy the Darkspawn she, Solaris and Parlit had been fighting. The Lyrium was later destroyed, and she hasn’t shown any symptoms of being tainted by it.


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