Legionnaire of the Dead


Volen was a royal solider in Orzammar and participated in the final battle of the 5th blight. Loyal to a fault, he owned up to the murder of Trian Aeducan, to take any possible blame away from his lord Bhelen, who the Hero of Ferelden helped to get chosen as the new King during the 5th Blight. He was assigned to the Legion of the Dead as punishment, to maintain the honor of his family.

While serving in the Legion, he witnessed the Grey Hound of Orzammar take off with Ruby after killing a group of royal soldiers and some Darkspawn. He was assigned by King Bhelen to hunt them down alongside Gorim and destroy the baby.

Volen and Gorim followed their prey Northward, following the dog’s tracks, eventually also coming across a wagon’s tracks that left the main road when the dog’s did. They come across the abandoned wagon, and follow the tracks the rest of the way to a cave.

At the cave, Koryn, Alec, Parlit and Solaris were fighting with Crimson Dawn cultists. Volen and Gorim helped them finish off the cultists and proposed a truce. The others were after stolen fish and missing Halla, which they could have as long as Volen and Gorim could destroy their target.

Inside the cave, they fought more cultists. During the ensuing melee, Volen noticed a distinct noise and took off further into the cave. Once the battle was over, the others followed him.

Volen found Ruby, seemingly a normal dwarven infant. Gorim, following his order, swing down his axe to kill the infant. Ruby instinctively cast Rock Armor to protect herself, deflecting what would have otherwise been a fatal blow. Calder and the others came to her rescue, and defeated Gorim. After questioning his reason, Koryn draws out her crossbow and executed him. Volen, torn between duty and morals, attempt to follow his kings order and kill the infant. With overwhelming odd against him, Volen was defeated and rendered unconscious. He was taken to Koryn’s tavern, Windy Sails.

Once there, Koryn and Dummy interrogated Volen, but he insisted that he needed to kill the infant, and swore that he would carry through with his duty for that is all he had left. Volen died when Calder decided he was too much of a danger to Ruby, and regretfully tore his throat out with his teeth.


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