Tag: Dwarf


  • Ruby

    Little is known about where Ruby came from. The Crimson Dawn are after her, and Orzammar sent two dwarves, a warrior named Gorim and a member of the Legion of the Dead named Volen, to kill her. [[:calder | Calder]], the Hero of Ferelden's Mabari, smuggled …

  • Hagann

    Hagann is the leader of a cult of dwarves in Orzammar called the Crimson Dawn. He teaches that a very long time ago, Dwarves were the foremost Mages in the world. He says that a Dwarven girl, the Red Daughter, will be born of crystal, and that she will …

  • Gorim

    Gorim was sent with [[:volen | Volen]] to kill [[:ruby | Ruby]] and [[:calder | Calder]]. He died in battle with the PCs. He carried a [[Gorim's Letter | letter]] on him which was sealed with the royal Seal of Orzammar.

  • Legnar

    One of the backup Wardens [[:loghain | Loghain]] called for, Legnar was a native of Orzammar who was exiled for reasons of which he does not speak. The only hint to his past life there are his facial tattoos, which seem to brand him as Casteless.

  • Volen

    Volen was a royal solider in Orzammar and participated in the final battle of the 5th blight. Loyal to a fault, he owned up to the murder of Trian Aeducan, to take any possible blame away from his lord Bhelen, who the Hero of Ferelden helped to get chosen …