Tag: Elf


  • Keeper

    The Keeper has been Keeper of [[Merlanthraille | Merlanthraille]] for a very long time. He has, as most Keepers do, devoted his life to the study of old Elvhen knowledge held by his clan. He long ago chose to forgo keeping his name, choosing to answer …

  • Ranalle

    Ranalle is the [[:keeper | Keeper]]'s First, his apprentice, next in line to be the Keeper of Merlanthraille. She is a bit arrogant, but is the only other Mage in the clan, and has shown the ability to learn and retain information at impressive rates. …

  • Zathrian

    Zathrian is Parlit's father, and Merlanthraille's resident smith. He specializes in working with Ironbark, though it is difficult to get ahold of in the area around Fell's Landing, and therefor commands a high price.

  • Adanna

    Adanna is [[:solaras | Solaras]]' mother. She became pregnant with him after she had an affair with [[:jance | Jance Fell]] while working as a maid in his manor. After discovering her pregnancy, Jance fired her, and relocated her to [[Fell's Landing | …

  • Maram

    One of the Wardens [[:loghain | Loghain]] called for to back him up in Fell's Landing. [[:gawne | Gawne]] and Maram were recruited from the same Circle after having helped fight back a Darkspawn attack on their Circle.