Leader of the Wind Wakers


“Three is a round number, it has two nice little round parts on it.”

Early Life

Koryn Talahev was born on a beautiful summer day in Mynrathos, the capital city of Tevinter. Her parents were Nathaniel and Maria Talahev, a magister couple who was quickly rising through the country’s political machine. She was by all accounts a miracle baby as Maria has been told she was incapable of having children. Her birth was a moment of momentous joy and celebration throughout her family’s estate. The family had never lacked for ambition but their political allegiances were thin, with a daughter they could now marry into an alliance with another prominent family. Most importantly to them however they now had a daughter to love, cherish, and teach their wisdom to. A daughter they some day hoped would lead their family to greatness.

In her early years of schooling she didn’t fair well, being a handful of a child (fighting with wooden swords and stealing had become two of her favorite hobbies) and doing little to no studying. She constantly complained to her parents how much she hated learning magic, begging them to allow her to train with a sword master, something they initially flat out refused. When her grades further suffered her father thought perhaps it would be a good reward to help motivate her to study. The tactic worked and she soon began studying spell lore as well as any magister’s child in the country. It was in fact very shocking to her parents how much knowledge she retained on such little studying time (while still constantly complaining).

Then the lessons began moving from lore to actual spell casting and something happened, Koryn fell behind rapidly. Try and try as she might, she simply could not conjure magic. Due to this her life at school became very difficult, Tevinter children were cruel enough to other kids even when they were magically inclined. They way they would treat a girl who was supposed to be of magister blood yet was deaf to the face was unspeakably cruel. Koryn however would have none of it and quickly fought back against those attempting to bully her. After her 6th fight in a semester Nathaniel had no choice but to take her out of school. Determined to not give up on his daughter however, he enrolled her into private lessons with Noctua, a close family friend and prominent magister, in hopes that one of the best teachers in the nation could unlock his daughter’s magical potential.

Koryn began her lessons with Noctua and the results had been unfortunately the same. While she was as impressive as ever with magical lore she simply could not conjure spells of any kind. While at first he took pity on the incompetent child, however the two quickly grew very close, the young girl’s charm was undeniably infectious and the elder magister’s laid back carefree attitude was refreshing for a child who had grown up with nothing but overbearing teachers and snide, two faced classmates.


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