Crimson Dawn booklet

After their first encounter with the Crimson Dawn, the players found a haphazardly thrown together book, on the body of one of the Crimson Dawn cultists. Written by hand in red ink, it seems to be notes taken during a sermon, explaining some of their beliefs.

“A very, very long time ago, the Elves and the Tevinter found a reason to set aside their differences. Something that filled them with more fear than they had hatred for one another. A threat that they had to work together to stop.

That threat was us, brothers and sisters. Dwarves. We came up from the Deep Roads bearing technology they had never seen, and wielding Magic the likes of which they could not conceive.

That’s right, I said “Magic.” We used to use it. We used to be masters of it. And the Elves and Magisters were threatened by our prowess. They worked together, and they cast a mighty ritual. They locked away our power. They stripped it from us, forcing it into crystalline forms they called “lyrium”, and burying it underground. This is why we dig for lyrium even now. Instinctively, we are trying to regain what we lost.

This was the first Rite of Tranquility. Long before they devised a smaller form of the Rite to cripple their own mages, they created the Rite to cripple us.

But all is not lost, my brothers and sisters. We are the Crimson Dawn, awaiting a Sun, but our Sun is a Daughter. She will be born of crystal, as we once were from stone. It is our job to clear a path for and safeguard the Red Daughter, for she is our Savior, a Herald of the return of our magic. She will restore us to our lost glory, and we will take what is rightfully ours."

-Hagann, Master of the Crimson Dawn

Crimson Dawn booklet

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