Fell's Landing

Nathaniel Fell was granted a minor lordship by the king of Ferelden for heroism during a battle during the Fourth Blight. He founded Fell’s Landing as a shipping hub, a harbor town, a stop along the main shipping lanes in the Waking Sea.

Fell’s Landing is a small city with dreams of being a major power. Its main export is seafood, and the city makes most of its money from that and tariffs.

It remains under the lordship of Fell’s descendants, currently run by the arrogant Jance Fell. Jance is greedy and cares only about himself and his people. During the Fifth Blight, he put the city under lockdown, shutting down the harbor, walling off the city, and leaving refugees outside to starve, or die in battle against Darkspawn. This greatly hurt the relationship between Fell’s Landing and the nearby Dalish Clan.

Elves live separated in an Alienage in Fell’s Landing. There is a small Chantry, and a very minor Templar presence.

Fell's Landing

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