Merlanthraile is the name of the Dalish Clan settled closest to Fell’s Landing, as well as the name of their settlement. They are mostly a passive people, preferring to keep peace with their human neighbors, though they are bitter toward them for refusing to give shelter to their children, elderly, sick and disabled during the Blight.

The clan’s Keeper answers to no name beyond his title itself. He claims to have forgotten the one he was given at birth, since it wasn’t as valuable as the ancient lore it is his purpose to keep.

The clan has a talented ironbark crafter. The desire for his wares is high, and the nearby Ironbark supply is low, meaning that his wares command a high price in trade.

The clan raises Hallas, and their herd is the thing they are second most proud of, behind only their ironbark products. They also trade fur, meat, and other excess bounty from hunts, as well as herbs and medicines valued by the elves in Fell’s Landing’s alienage.


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